What is Krown

The company history In the year of 1986, a group of chemistry specialists in Canada developed innovative products for prevention of metal rust. Those specialists set up the Krown company, creating eventually a wide range of products for protection and care both for cars and industrial machines. Due to their corrosive-protection effectiveness, the company products gained popularity in the market, and the company became a leader in the industry manufacturing the top-quality products for prevention of corrosion.


The top-quality Krown products are widely used in different industrial areas: car fleets, service centres, car washes, and by private users. The Krown company also manufactures car care articles.

Mission of Krown

To prolong service life of mechanisms and metal structures, preserving their initial outside appearance, reliability and safety thus protecting their customers from excessive expenditures.

To develop and use environmentally-friendly products and technologies, helping protect our planet.